Wednesday, April 1, 2009

It's Potty time!

Since Lauren can say stuff like, "Your not the boss of me", "I want to go to school", and "It's my turn to say prayers", I guess it is time to potty train. Oh how I am dreading this!

Carson and Jackson were trained just before they turned 3 years old. They were clever little boys, but did not communicate that much when they were 2, so I waited until I felt they could tell me better when they needed to go. Carson was successful off the bat and Jackson took a good week to get it down.

Ressa was 2 1/2 and figured it out, no problem. She was a big talker and waisted no time learning how to be a big girl. She did have trouble at nights some times, but we now know that she had bladder problems...

Now if being able to communicate is the key, then Lauren should be a pro! She's a month shy of being 2 1/2 but still so little. I got her some training underwear and the smallest size they have is 2T. They are huge on her! I remember this being a problem for Carson and Jackson. So yesterday I just decided to do this when I saw that Lauren needed to go #2. So I put her on the potty and got her settled and left the room (Ressa was more successful when I wasn't hovering). In a few seconds I heard Lauren call out, "it worked!" so I hurried back in and she pointed to her front. Sure enough, she had gone pee! So I waited some more and encouraged her to go poop. She tried and tried and said it wasn't working. So we gave up and went on with our day. It was only much later that I went to take off her potty seat when the kids got home and discovered that I had not flushed the toilet and there was a nice "present" in there. She had gone and I didn't even know it! Ha ha!

So now it's the next day and Lauren has peed in her pants twice so it looks like we have some work to do. I knew it couldn't be THAT easy! But I know that when I posted about getting rid of Lauren's blanket, it helped me stick to my guns (which turned out not to be that hard, afterall). By posting that I am potty training, hopefully that will help me to keep on keepin' on and not give up so easily! Wish me luck!