Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dare to Derby!

This year Chad was determined to make fast and furious pinewood derby cars for the boys.  Especially for Jackson, to make up for a disappointing showing last year.  So Chad spent countless hours (and dollars) on making the finest cars ever! I missed the first boys' first derby last year because of the foot surgery I had to have, so I was glad to go and see what the big deal was.  Our troop rented a track this year and this couple from Mesa brought out this nice electronic track and big screen that gave instant results. Pretty fancy!

Here are the cheerleaders!

I love this picture of Miles biting his shirt in nervous anticipation!

I am sorry to say that Jackson's car finished with similar results of the previous year. BUT he gets first place from his mother for being such a good sport about it. Each race, I could tell he was disappointed, but put on a brave face and waited for the next time. And the next time. This year Chad put on this oil on the wheels (yes, this kind was legal!) instead of graphite. Well it turns out the one of the scout leaders was putting extra graphite on all the cars' wheels before the race. Chad took a look at Jackson's wheels and they were all gunked up! Carson's wheels weren't as bad, but he still finished in 3rd place! Well, it was a good night anyways. Only one more year in cub scouts. One more year for redemption!