Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What a blessing!

On Sunday morning, during Sacrament meeting, Ressa had a seizure. We were sitting on the bench, and I was trying to find a scripture for her to read in Primary. She was sitting next to Chad and Carson was in between she and I. I asked to borrow Carson's scriptures and found a verse for her. I leaned over and pointed out the verse for her to read through in case there were any words she didn't know. She didn't understand what I was saying and I was getting frustrated. I gave Carson back his scriptures. Then I took out Chad's and opened up to the verse and gave her that set for her to use. Again, I pointed out verse 2 for her and again she was not sure what verse she was supposed to read. I gave up and Chad whispered instructions to her and read it aloud (semi-quietly). While she sat and reread to herself was when it happened. I heard her whimper and looked over at her. She was crying, but her eyes were scared and confused. Her mouth was turned down on one side and her lips were trembling. She tried to say, "What is happening to me?" but it was very hard to understand. I was so scared and grabbed her and quickly left the chapel with Chad close behind. I made eye contact with Elaine and she followed us out also. I set her on the floor in the lobby and tried to calm her. She was very confused and could not respond. She could not speak and was drooling without control of her mouth. I sent Elaine to get Charlene Green, a nurse in our ward, and she came and sat with us. She said it looked like a seizure, but by that time it was about over and she was able to understand us better.

The whole episode did not last very long, a matter of a couple minutes, but it was very frightening! Poor Ressa was scared by what had happened and she said it felt hard to breathe, like she was under water. I took her home and Charlene came and tested her blood sugar and it was normal. I called the dr. and he said I should take her to the new hospital in Florence for a CAT Scan. So I took her and Chad met us there after church while Elaine watched the other kids. I am not a big fan of the new hospital as a result of our visit, but she did have a scan done and a EKG and all tests were normal. They took 2 tries to get enough blood drawn and 3 tries for the I.V. Ressa was such a good girl but it was very traumatic being stuck that many times! I felt so bad for her and frustrated with the staff there! They transferred us by ambulance (for liability purposes) to Phoenix Children's Hospital to be observed overnight. I was thinking it was overkill but it turns out it was for the best.

On Monday they did an EEG scan of her brain and the test came back abnormal for partial seizures in the left of her brain! Translation, a mild form of epilepsy. We were shocked by the diagnosis since she didn't have another seizure while we were there. They kept us another night to start her on some medication and then do an MRI today and see if they can find a cause. The MRI came back clear and they let us come home tonight! The hospital staff and facilities were great and kept Ressa occupied during all the down time we had. They had a game room and crafts, even a little school with other patients.

It was such a blessing that both Chad and I were there to witness this seizure and give an eye witness account. Our hope is that early detection and treatment will be the key in preventing any further damage. Ressa is such a precious little girl and she wins over everyone she meets! She is bright and intelligent and we will do everything we can to protect her and help her reach her greatest potential. When I told her I was sorry that this all happened to her, she said, "Well, at least we get to spend some good time together." That's my girl!

Lauren was greatly missed by her little sister. Grandpa and Grandma brought Lauren over to visit and just missed Ressa when she went in for her MRI. We ate lunch all together and waited for her to come out. They had to put Ressa under general anesthetic to keep her still during the long test, so she was very groggy and tired when they brought her back. Lauren was so happy to see her but had to settle for laying by her unconsious figure. So sweet!

The joys of scouting

Raingutter Regata 2010 - Watching your two children lose one race after another is not my idea of fun, but I am funny that way. Trying to keep their spirits up and not get discouraged is even less fun.

But I have to give Carson and Jackson credit for keeping their mouths shut as they watched other scouts push and scoot their boats along with their hands without any consequences or penalty. Life is not always fair. That is the lesson learned here. Also, did you know you can make a catamaran bottom that goes twice as fast? Neither did we. Ahhh, the joys of scouting.