Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Jog or Blog?

I woke up before 5am from a bad dream and could not go back to sleep. We had our last PTO meeting before the summer last night, and therefore I had a dream about PTO.  Since I am up, do I go jogging or doing some blogging? I am in desparate need of both, so maybe when I am finished here I will put on the 'ol running shoes. I want to explain that although I have seemed to have fallen off the face of the earth, I have begun writing in my journal again. It has been a few weeks since I started and I feel much better now that my thoughts and experiences are being recorded. It is easier without the pressure of providing a cute anecdote or pictures. I love!

The first couple years of living in our house, I spent much time (and money) trying to make this large space feel like a home. I painted, crafted, and designed like a woman posessed. Then I lost the appetite and interest.  The economy fell and Chad and I turned our focus on preparedness. For a year we built up our food storage and preparedness supplies. I feel much more knowledgable and prepared in that area. We have an EXCELLENT preparedness committe in our ward and they put on the BEST classes and activities!

Naturally, I found myself a little interested in decorating again.  Springtime seems to do that. So I am posting a few pics of some projects I have been working on.
I sanded and repainted this old picnic table for our backyard. It had splinters and old paint and sat under our porch neglected.

Our contractor put up number stickers in our window to serve as an address so workers would know which was our house.  Not the most attractive solution, but it was functional enough for 3 1/2 years. But then we put up dark sun shades on the windows to cut down on power bill and now you can't see the address numbers. So I found these address tiles at Home Depot and voila!

With the  back porch  bare, I managed to talk Chad into getting a patio set, sure that if we actually had something to sit on, we might spend more time out there. I found this set on sale for a screamin' deal and got a few pillows for mother's day.

My friend Marci posted on her blog a wall hanging she made using a large canvass, black spray paint and lots of words cut out with her cricut. I wanted to make one too so we got together last week and worked on mine, along with an idea she had for teacher gifts. I hung it downstairs since I do not have a thing on those walls. I love it! Thanks, Marci!

For Christmas the kids gave Elaine a cricut machine and only recently I have gotten my hands on it, to learn its potential in order to teach Elaine, of course! With being Beehive Counselor and ward camp director, I have been needing to get some projects done. Jennifer came over and showed me how to cut out vinyl and here is something I did for the girls' room door. Don't worry, the boys will have their revenge very soon!

I absolutely LOVE my kids' teachers this year! Miss Evavold (Miss E.) and Mrs. Chrisman care so much for their students and it shows in many ways. With being on the PTO for 2 years (soon to be 3) and volunteering in Ressa's class regularly, I have gotten to know these women well and feel so grateful for the impact they have made in such a short time.  Today is the last day of school and here are the plaques we made for them. I already had the wood and everything, so a couple sheets of vinyl was all it took!

Well look at the time! I guess I will have to go jogging tomorrow! I hate it when that happens!