Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fall Festival

 Finally, the Festival is over and I can relax and let my hair down! I have a great PTO board this year and we had so many volunteers to help us out with this big event! Having said that, I still had to do ALOT and I think it will take me a couple days to recover. I'm not as young as I used to be, I guess.

This time around was alot bigger and more involved than last year, but everything seemed to run smoothly enough. There were a few mishaps: half of the inflatable obstacle course got a big whole in the seam, so it turned into just a large slide. No big deal. We bought way too much food, or rather, it was way too hot and people didn't eat enough. They drank enough, sure! But we have tons of food left over.

 People lined up for food

Pie throwing booth victims (all teachers)

I kind of worked every station throughout the 5 hours. Here we are selling wristbands and tickets.

I went to take some water to the couple who brought their horse for horse rides. They looked tired and hungry, so I volunteered Chad and I to take over a while. It was fun!

The Griffins brought a few chickens that they just let run around and the kids tried to catch them. So fun!

Darrin Anderson (principal) having his turn on the dunk tank. It was so hot that day, I almost wish I could have had a turn! Almost.

For my kids, the rock wall was what it was all about. Every time I looked over to the wall, I saw one of the kids up there!

Chili Cook off entries. I didn't get the chance to try any, but I heard they were good.

Cook off judges. Also made up of some teachers.

There are a few things I would like to have differently, but overall, it turned out great! Besides, I told Chad I wouldn't be the PTO president again after this year. But I can still offer suggestions, I suppose. :) It was really just too stinkin' hot for a November day! Ugh! The event finished at 4pm and that is about when the cloud cover appeared and things felt nice. Oh well. 

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Princess Party

I was so excited when I realized that we had planned our school Fall Festival on Lauren's 4th birthday. What a lucky girl to have a whole festival celebration on her special day! Of course, when I told Lauren, she said, "Wow! Is that before or after my princess party?" Lauren has been telling everyone that she is having a princess party for a year now, since the day after her Scooby Doo themed 3rd bday party. I really thought she would get over it since so much time has gone by and she really only dresses up when Cora come over to play. Well, even though things have been a bit hectic lately, I decided to throw a quick party with her friends from preschool during the day. They all wore the dresses to school and then I picked them up and brought them here for a little fun. I love the dollar store and Walmart!

I got some face paint and found a fun idea online and painted each girl's face. It was such a simple, yet pretty design. Didn't really take very long.

While the other girls waited their turn, Grandma Rowley helped them decorate their magic wands with foam stickers. Grandma was such a great help and made things run so smoothly. Thank you, Grandma!

Here is our pretty little princess! She is getting so big! Just not quite as big as the other 4 year olds.

 We had each friend sit by Lauren as she opened their gift to her. It was so sweet and not very chaotic. The girls were so well behaved, that I actually enjoyed every minute of the party!

I really don't know what this look was about, but I love it!

 Lauren was so excited to have her dear friend Haylee at her party. Haylee's family moved to Flagstaff for school, but Haylee has been here in Coolidge all week staying at her Aunt Holly's. These two girls have spent every day together!

After face painting and wand decorating, Grandma read a short story and then we went downstairs to open presents and watch Rapunzel until the parents came.

When I got back from taking Haylee home, this is what I found in the back seat. Awwww. Somebody was worn out from all the fun they had! You know, it was a very nice day today. Especially since the previous day was quite the opposite. Lauren and I have been butting heads all week, but yesterday was especially bad.  She can drive me crazy! But this morning when she asked, "Mom? Could I please have some milk?" instead of "I want a drink of milk" I knew we were off to a good start! I love you, Lauren! Thank you for making today worth the effort! XXXOOO