Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Grandma Sleepover

Is Grandma Rowley crazy? The obvious answer is, "yes, a little bit." An overwhelming lapse in clear thinking hits her every once in a while. She gets this idea in her head and her poor, submissive, eternal companion gives into her temporary insanity and "grandma's sleepover" is repeated, time and again. After each episode, sanity is then regained and we hear statements such as, "I don't think we can have ALL the grandkids at the same time again." and "maybe we should split the children into groups and have them take turns sleeping over" or "I am getting too old for this!" We all agree, and then a short time passes and we get yet another email from a penitent grandma, saying how much she misses her precious grandchildren and wants them all to come and play. Here we go again! The sleepless nights, colossal messes, skinned knees, and an endless sea of pancakes and macaroni and cheese. Is it all worth it? Will she ever learn?
Yes, she will promise up and down that it is worth it, that nothing gives her more joy than her grandbabies playing and laughing together! This time, she exclaimed, all the children slept through the night and that this was by far the smoothest weekend so far! Could it be true? It's hard to know for certain since grandma sees those little rugrats through rose-colored glasses. All we DO know for sure is that our children LOVE these weekends with their cousins, and having full reign to do as they please at Grandpa and Grandma Rowley's Farm. Rules are forgotten, teeth don't have to be brushed, pajamas can be worn until dinner time, horse and quad rides are endless, and ice cream is served 24/7! Paradise!
As for us parents, we are grateful to Grandma for giving our children these priceless memories that they will cherish all their lives and giving US a few hours to spend together, going on a date or just relaxing. Thank you!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Kindergarten Grad!

I will be the first to say that I thought having a graduation ceremony for kindergarten was a bit ridiculous. I don't get what the big fuss is about, really. However, I appreciate that it means something to others, especially to the kindergartners themselves. So we went and Ressa was thrilled and the teachers did a great job and really made the kids feel special!

Each child got this fancy diploma and a few other little trinkets. I thought the paper graduation caps were the best! The ceremony was short and sweet and I am so glad that they had decided to split the 4 classses up and have two classes graduate the night before. I can't believe the turnout there is to these events!Since I could not navigate through the crowded isle gracefully, I sent Chad up to capture the magical moment when Ressa's name was called to get her diploma. Can you see how he captured it? There is Ressa's back right there on the very right of the picture. What's that saying, "If you want a job done right...." Oh well!

Roosevelt Lake Weekend

I know I am a cripple and have no business going camping for Memorial Weekend, but I just HAD to get out of this house! Some friends of ours were going to take their boat up to Roosevelt Lake, so we packed up the trailer and joined them. Of course, I knew I had certain limitations and Chad would need extensive help pulling everything off. Soooo, when the awesomest sister in the world called and offered to come with us and help out, I knew it was destiny! Since carrying around a camera while using crutches is impossible, not to mention hazardous, the only photos I have were taken by my dear brother-in-law, Walt. I have only included ONE of the dozen pics he took of the lake. They boy sure loves his scenery!
Didn't get many "people" pics, but here are couple shots of the cousins hangin' out.

We had the best time! The weather couldn't have been more perfect, and we got to know our friends, the Biggers & Shumways, better. I sat in the lake and put my foot up on a big rock, the kids swam and went tubing behind Mike's boat. LeaAnn and I enjoyed the indepedence of our children now that they are getting older and not so much maintenance. Finally! I did not want to come home and face reality again. It was so nice to be outside for a change and have Chad around all the time. Good times!

Birthday Boy!

O.k. So I am a little late in blogging about Grandpa Rowley's birthday party back in March...
My kids LOVE to go and decorate the grandparent's house on their birthdays, which is why I have a healthy supply of balloons, string, streamers, and banners on hand at all times.
The kids' decorating skills have much improved over the years and they all pitch in to help. Grandpa and Grandma are always such good sports and tell the kids how much they love and appreciate all their hard work! I am not sure what kind of expression Jackson is trying to pull off here, but maybe he is just too excited to get the party over with so he can get to his favorite part - tearing down the decorations! He is such a spaz!

Happy Birthday, Grandpa! We love you!

Piano Man

Carson has been taking piano lessons from a lady in our ward, Tammy Judd, for about 8 months? I really have no idea when he started... Anyways, Carson hadn't been showing much interest in sports as he got older but I wanted to get him involved in something that he could feel good about. He is very mathmatical and a bit of a perfectionist, so I thought that piano might be a good fit. I am the exact opposite of mathmatical and I was NOT good at piano, so you can how I came up with this idea. So Carson has taken to the piano rather well, practices on his own, a good sight reader, and takes it seriously.

After his first lesson, I asked him how it went and he said he liked it but that he was NOT going to play in the recital. The recital was to be held 5 months from then, so I felt confident that he would come around by then. Carson is pretty shy and still will not sing above a whisper in primary or even at home during Family Home Evening. Thankfully, when recital time came, Carson was nervous but willing. I have to say that I was so proud that he had such good posture and composure!
He played so well and overcame his nerves! I am thrilled that piano has been a good fit for him and I hope that he continues to enjoy playing. My memories of piano lessons and recitals were a bit dreary and frightening, so I am so grateful to Tammy for being such a kind and supportive teacher for Carson. He wouldn't have lasted ONE day with my old teacher! I remember having to give my recital up on a stage on a grand piano and thinking I would pass out.
A few months ago. I was talking to the kids in the car, and pointed out how great it was that each child had their own, fun thing that they were doing. Ressa was taking dance, Jackson was playing soccer, and Carson had piano. Carson clarified that although he did like piano, he wouldn't necessarily call it "fun". I did appreciate the difference and thought it was very funny that he did also.

I love you, Carson, and I am very proud of you!