Friday, June 11, 2010

Schools out!

I know school has been out for a couple weeks, but I wanted to get these pics posted. This year has been a great one for all three of my kids, and a big thanks goes out to Mrs. Chrisman and Miss Evavold! Here is Ressa with Miss E. on the last day of school. It was only a half day and the 1st and 2nd grades had a water day out in the field. I brought Lauren along to help volunteer and prepared lunch for all the little rascals.

Each class and their teacher chose a "Character Student of the Year" and they had an assembly to announce which students had been selected.  Character Education focuses on teaching respect, caring, responsibility, trustworthiness, etc. So the teachers made a dvd of them naming their student and giving examples of how they showed these characteristics throughout the year. Ressa was awarded the student of the year for her class and she was so excited! Here are the girls after the award assembly,

I was asked by the Character Education Team to write a little something for their report, telling how I have felt about the program and how the PTO has supported it. I found it a little ironic, because of course, it is the parent's responsibiltiy to teach their children values and we expect the school to reinforce those values, not the other way around. I didn't need to get all wordy and preachy, so here is what I wrote:

As parents, we have the primary responsibility of teaching our children honesty, accountability, kindness, and many other important attributes at an early age. I am thrilled that my childrens' character development is being continued at school. I have been pleased with the efforts that Imagine at Coolidge has made in teaching and reinforcing these important lessons to my three children. I feel that the school and I are working as a team to better prepare my children for a better future. The parent/teacher relationship is vital in helping our children reach their highest potential, which is the primary reason I volunteer as the PTO president. The PTO has been active in supporting character development by promoting family friendly activities such as family movie nights, bingo night, food drives, and helping sponsor Family Character Night.

I want to thank the Character Team for all their efforts in keeping this program strong! You have my support!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

For Grandma Perrins

I colored these shirts and took this picture this morning. I needed it for the calendar that the kids give their dad for Fathers Day. My mom wanted to see the picture, so here you go, ma! I love you!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Best Friend of the Year

And the award goes

The last year has seen a great exodus of families moving out of Coolidge. I have said good bye to many good friends. I have consoled myself that my two closest friends here are not going anywhere (knock on wood). So what do I do to show them my undying love and friendship? Completely forget their birthdays, which happen to be a week apart. Yep. That's how thoughtful I am. And I don't mean just forget. Really, not even had a clue.

Now I can blame the fact that NEITHER of these ladies are on facebook, so how am I supposed to know without a little birthday reminder in the upper right hand corner? Or that they don't talk about their big day weeks before, during, and after, like myself. That is no excuse and I feel SOOOOOO bad about it.

Maybe the only way to salvage these two important relationships is to tell them both how much I love them and appreciate their friendship.

Lucy: You are such an incredible person and I thank you for all that you teach me. You are strong in ways that I am weak. You are confident and strong without being loud and obnoxious. Thank you for sharing your insights and wisdom with me on a regular basis. We are so alike and so different at the same time, and I love it! Thank you for putting up with my nonsense and constant jabber! You rock!

Sarah: How I love our phone chats in the mornings while we do chores! I always look forward to talking with you and swapping stories. You are one of the kindest people I know. Is it weird to say that you are a good influence on me? Well it is true.  I am amazed by your capacity to love others unconditionally.  I thank you for reawakening my passion for reading. (Chad may not thank you, but I do!) You also rock!