Friday, April 22, 2011

Bishop Rowley OR Bishop Rowley?

Last Sunday Frank was released as the bishop of our ward and Chad was ordained the new bishop. His counselors are Bob Randall and Beau Clare. It was a special day for our family! We are sad to so goodbye to Chad's parents for 5 months as they go and serve a work mission in Bluff Fort, Utah, but it has been a long time coming. They have been looking forward to serving a mission for a long time and they are exccited for this new adventure. Chad and I have also had a feeling for some time that their leaving would mean a new adventure for our family, so his call came as little surprise. Still a bit overwhelming, but not a surprise. We love our ward family and look forward to serving! Chad has some great counselors and I love their wives. We are going to have some fun!

When Chad bore his testimony last Sunday, he said that this Church is not the Church of Bishop Rowley or the Bishop Rowley or President Walton (our Stake Pres) but the Church of Jesus Christ. My boys thought that was the funniest things ever!The reality of it all won't sink in for a while. With Frank here is still seems like he is the bishop. Everyone calls him bishop and Chad is still Chad. Frank has been an amazing bishp these last 3 1/2 years and has seen our ward through some tough economic and spritirual times. What a blessing he has been to all our lives! He will be greatly missed! 

 I love my husband and know he will faithfully serve our ward and our community and I will support him as well I can. Heavenly Father has blessed me with such a wonderful family! I am grateful to live here in Coolidge and for the experiences that we have had here so far. I love belonging to a community, not just a ward. There is so much to do and so many great people here!