Sunday, February 27, 2011

Snow day!

The kids won't let a winter go by without taking a snow day up to the mountains. Presidents' Day turned out to be the day, so we packed up our snow gear (however too small!) and headed up to Young Mountain. It still amazes me that snow is only a 1 1/2 drive away! We found a great spot to play in by ourselves and the kids went at it for a good two hours. We did a little sledding, but really, Jackson and Carson are all about snowball fighting and Ressa is all about making snowmen and angels. These pics are taken with Chad's phone, so not my best.

I swear we could not find ONE SINGLE pebble on the ground. So I went and got some of our snacks in the car to help Ressa finish off her little snowman. Whatever!

A great day!

Tender Mercies

I think we all have certain words of phrases that drive us crazy. Or maybe you don't and it's just my neurotic upbringing. My mother about comes unglued when someone mispronounces the word "ensign" or ends a sentence with "these ones". My sister cannot stand the word "journey", as in "my life's journey" or "journey of life".  In 1 Nephi 1:20, Nephi says that he will show us the  "tender mercies of the Lord" and how they will make the faithful become mighty. While I love to read Nephi and think he was a great writer, this term "tender mercies" has become one of those that makes me cringe when I hear it used in a testimony or a lesson in church. Ugh!

Having said that, I can't help but use this dreaded phrase to describe our families 2011 Pinewood Derby experience. This was the boys' last race, now that they will advance to 11 yr old scout this summer, and I so wanted them to have a good experience. My boys are not sore losers. If they were, it might make it easier for me to watch them be defeated, time after time. I would just get mad at them.  But to watch them bravely try to hide their disappointment each year, just breaks my heart!  Now, I am not faulting my dear sweet husband who has made every effort to help them make a fast car. He works very hard on them, I assure you! But we have some pretty die-hard dads out there who are in it to win it and make some amazing cars.

So the morning of the derby, I asked the boys if they were exciting for the race and Jackson says quietly, "I hope I don't get last every race." He didn't expect to win the whole thing, just not get last all the time. So I prayed and prayed and asked their grandma to pray and our prayers were answered, thanks to the tender mercies of the Lord. Neither Carson nor Jackson won the fastest car, but they raced very well each time and Jackson was so thrilled to come in first in one of the heats! As soon as he returned his car after the race, I saw him make his way all around the crowd to come and see if we saw him win. He was all smiles and continued that way all night! Carson got 2nd place every race and was pleased with that, too!

Carson's car was car was called "Sugar Rush" and Jackson's limousine was called "Limo-mean!" Jeremy was such a great announcer the whole night and everyone has a great time!

This next picture is totally random, but I wanted to add it on here. I am on the Coolidge Cotton Council that has a program for girls in the community. We had a daddy/daughter night and the dads wore a shower cap with shaving cream on top. Their daughters had to throw cheese balls at them and see who could get the most to stick. It was very funny and the dads were such good sports!