Monday, September 19, 2011


Ressa looses her two front teeth!

Happy 12th Anniversary to Chad and Sarah: we celebrate by spending the night at Wild Horse Pass Resort and eating out at The Melting Pot. 2 hours of slow eating and melting cheese, chocolate, and ourselves with very little air conditioning. Chad felt sick after since he was so warm so we went back to our hotel. Saturday we saw a movie then came home our great kids!

Sarah celebrates her 37th birthday by going out to Texas Roadhouse for dinner with a few friends (not all show). Had a great time!

Spent Labor Day weekend at Nathan and Carries, swimming, bowling, and playing games. A very good day!


Necia said...

REALLY??!! You couldn't have REtook the pic or put a different one??!!! Seriously..oh well it was a fun night!!! Miss you all so MUCH!

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